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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

ITEM: I post some links

The internets are a big place, so here are some posts of interest from various parts of it that you might like if your interests are anything like mine (and if they aren't, why would you be reading this?). I'm going to try to be better about marking these things to show up over on the "Recent Readings" box on the sidebar in the future.

ITEM: Steve Bissette talks to Bryan Talbot about the British underground scene and other things. And posts many other things. His site feed still seems to be dead, so catch up if you've missed out

ITEM: Mark Martin comments on the comics market and the end of his RUNAWAY COMIC

ITEM: Harry Mendryk explores some of the inking on old Jack Kirby romance covers

ITEM: Craig Yoe talks to Kirby Museum board member Randy Hoppe

ITEM: Mark Evanier looks at some filmed versions of one of my favourite plays, INHERIT THE WIND.

ITEM: I look at one of the greatest Beanworld guest shots ever

ITEM: Craig Boldman draws his character Tailipoe as Yoda.

ITEM: Tom Brevoort explains some of the changes in comics distribution from the 1970s and 1980s

ITEM: Alison Bechdel commences posting her early "Dykes to Watch Out For" strips online, starting at the beginning

ITEM: Bully examines a later day non-Barks Scrooge tale. Or does he...

ITEM: Kevin Church explains Superboy's most recent personality shift

ITEM: Mike Sterling focuses on the mystified residents of Lulu's town

ITEM: Michael T. Gilbert doesn't seem to have permanent links to his journal posts, but he has some great art there. Look down on April 28, 2007, for a nice Mr. Monster / Heap drawing.

ITEM: Vincent Colletta exposes the dark underbelly Marvel in the 1980s

ITEM: Stephen DeStefano kills the Venture Bros. whoever they are

ITEM: Fist-a-Cuffs declares its tag team champ

ITEM: Pat praises one of the more unheralded Silver Age heroes

ITEM: I post something with art by Jack Kirby. Go figure

ITEM: J.M. DeMatteis remembers Kurt Vonnegut

ITEM: Dennis O'Neil does too

ITEM: Neil Gaiman doesn't need any kind of link from me to get attention. But it'll be interesting to see what this "interesting device" is.

ITEM: Michael Ryan runs some of the coolest photos and links for dinosaur fans

ITEM: Wolfman visits Oz, brings photos

ITEM: Eddie Campbell chronicles his adventures in courtroom sketching

ITEM: Steve Thompson ponders how Sheldon Mayer turned a gorilla into a bear

ITEM: Dr. Scott examines the questionable techniques of Dr. Dan

ITEM: I post some stuff about Ditko. Go figure

ITEM: Steve Cohen writes about Russ Manning. And Leonard Starr. And Neal Adams. And Joe Staton. And...

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