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Friday, June 24, 2005

Doctor Who - "Day of the Daleks"

Latest video of the original DOCTOR WHO series that I've gotten from my library is "Day of the Daleks", a four part 1972 serial starring Jon Pertwee. Unfortunately, this is the first of the videos I've gotten where they edit out the opening title sequence to all but the first episode, which means they also dump the cliffhangers. One of the best bits of a good DOCTOR WHO serial is the cliffhanger (often poorly resolved in the next episode), where the heroes face death and the theme music wells up (that's one of the things the new series misses by doing so many single episode stories).

Still a very nice story, where the Doctor working with UNIT gets involved in assassins from the future who are trying to prevent years of war that left the human race open to easy conquest from the Daleks. A few times it felt like the Dalek stuff was an afterthought, that this could just as easily have been about any other conquerers, but there was some good stuff with the characters. I especially liked the Daleks recognizing the name of the Doctor, which has been echoed in the treatment of the Daleks in the new series.

Next pair I should be getting are "Keeper of Traken" and "The Twin Dilemma".

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