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Friday, June 17, 2005

Question AH Cover

Next installment of my review of THE QUESTION will be ready soon, I hope, until then here's a 1989 fanzine cover for the series done by Denys Cowan. Some interesting interviews and articles in that issue as well.

Also, since it came up on the Denny O'Neil board that the old Question fansite was defunct, I decided to adopt one of its old features, the complete list of O'Neil's recommended reading from each issues.

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  1. I still have my copy of that issue. The assessment of The Question up to the point of publication, the evolution of the series, of Ditko and whatever else was on the writer's plate at that point was a solid piece of comics analysis, I felt.

    The thing that hooked me, though, was the first two pages. Written as an article set in the universe of the Question, or at least one of them, it was done as a TV news/listings magazine article written to detail Vic Sage's rise to fame as a TV newsman, and his apparent downfall in the eyes of the narrator-character since his return to Hub City's TV news scene(and, of course, not at all privy to Vic's experiences as the Question). The article showed how Vic had allegedly "made his bones" as a journalist by taking apart Ayn Rand on national television for living a life inconsistent with the philosophies expressed in her writings, fiction and non-fiction alike.

    I wish we could see more material like those two pages in the comics themselves. It would make the experience of a number of series a much richer one for readers. I know I'd like to try to provide it...


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