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Sunday, June 12, 2005

EC - Machine From Nowhere (Harrison)

Machine From Nowhere
by Harry Harrison
Weird Science #14[#3] (1950)

Harrison did a handful of stories for the early New Trend, mostly in collaboration with Wallace Wood, but a few solo. Of course before long he moved on, and became much better known for his prose science-fiction than for his comics.

This is the only one of his solo jobs I've seen, and it's really little more than average. It's about a scientist who finds himself building a strange machine that came to him in his dreams. A small ship then emerges from the machine and flies out to get uranium, which vanishes into the device. In the end he finds out it's a time machine from a post-nuclear war future, sent to get enough fuel to enable the remnants of humanity to move to another world.

The art's a bit bland compared to the heavy styles of most of the regular EC artists, but it does tell the story. The story itself doesn't have many surprises, but was probably more fresh a half-century ago.

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