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Thursday, June 30, 2005

EC - Spawn of Mars (Wood)

Spawn of Mars
art by Wallace Wood, story by Al Feldstein
Weird Fantasy #9 (1951)

Some early Wood this time, in a science-fiction story about the first expedition to Mars. The crew, one woman and three men, of course find a breathable if light atmosphere and abundant vegetation in the canals. You know, exactly what conventional science expects to find there. They don't find any animal life until one of the men is attacked, only just managing to return before the ship takes off.

On the way home the woman falls in love with the injured man, and they quickly get married when they return to Earth. However, she soon finds out that he's not quite what he seems. It all ends poorly for her, with a final surprise indicating her problems are far from over.

Cute story, a bit overwritten, but workable. Wood's still kind of feeling his way around at this point, not quite the style he would settle in with for his best stuff, with a little less detail and not quite as effective storytelling, but of course already having the "sexy woman" part of the style down pat (priorities, people).

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