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Monday, June 20, 2005

Doctor Who season wrap-up quick thoughts

Saw the finale of the first season of the new DOCTOR WHO series. No spoilers here since I'm mindful that some people will be watching it next week (and some won't get any of the episodes for a while), but I'll probably write up a more spoiler full overview of the whole season soon.

I did like the final two-parter quite a bit, though as has been typical there have been a few things that didn't feel right. In particular this time around were the parodies of some British game/reality shows, which weren't that funny. I was also kind of hoping for a more interesting reveal of the mysteries. The ending was kind of odd, made me wonder if the writer was a big fan of cosmic 1970s Marvel comics, all glowing eyes and cosmic powers like.

Anyway, it's good stuff overall, something I can recommend both to people who loved the original series and didn't equally, as it used many of the best parts and added enough modern sensibilities. It's a long wait for the next new one (a Christmas special followed by a new season I guess around the same time next year that this started). Fortunately it'll probably take around that long for the original series episodes I'm getting from the library to all get around to me ("Day of the Daleks" is listed as "In Transit" now. Pertwee and UNIT up against the Daleks? Dude!).

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