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Saturday, April 22, 2006

EC - Henry and His Goon Child (Kurtzman)

Henry and His Goon Child
by Harvey Kurtzman
Weird Fantasy #15[#3] (1950)

Some nice early Kurtzman, in this story about a radio shop owner designs a robot, who he contemptuously refers to as "Goon Child", steadily improving it to do all his work, treating it as a slave. Soon enough, it gains intelligence and begins to improve itself without Henry's help...

...and takes over from him, forcing Henry to do all the work and refer to it as "Mister Goon Child". So let that be a lesson to you kids, treat your robots well, or they well enslave you. Or something.

Love the early Kurtzman, especially the stories that displayed a light touch, a lot of humour and a sarcastic streak that directly led to the creation of MAD a few years down the line.

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