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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Upcoming Stuff of Interest - Castle Waiting v2#1

by Linda Medley

The award-winning series returns! The first issue of volume II is a giant oversized issue that includes the last two, long out-of-print self-published issues of Castle Waiting (#15 and 16), which began a new storyline.

Before deciding on her living quarters in the tower of Castle Waiting, Lady Jain receives a tour from "the Beakster" of every sprite-filled corner. In the counting room, she is transported, through a series of flashbacks, to her childhood. Sister Peace looks for a housewarming gift while Chess gets a shoe repaired.
64pgs, B&W $5.95
MAY06 3127 Fantagraphics Books

According to Medley's site, she's planning to have the book on a regular six-week schedule (with later issues being regular sized, this one just thicker to get the two reprint issues between the collection and the new stuff out there). Let's hope so. I've been re-reading the original series recently, and it's still a wonderful book, with new stuff to pick up every time. Every six weeks would mean enough for a second collection in just about two years (though I think this is one of the books I'll happily buy both the serialization and the collections).

Also see her site if you want to pick up a signed version of the upcoming collection, with a colour bookplate and original sketch. $50 postpaid seems like a pretty good price for that, limited to just 100 copies.

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