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Friday, April 21, 2006

My Collection - WORLD'S FINEST COMICS [1941 Series]

World's Finest Comics [1941 series]
30 issues [1969 - 1986]
187, 207 - 209, 212, 227, 231, 250 - 255, 262, 265 - 274, 276 - 280, 323

Long running DC anthology book, starting with #2 after the first issue came out as WORLD'S BEST COMICS. Always featuring Superman and Batman, first together on the cover but with separate stories inside, then later, when page counts shrunk, starting to team them up every month in 1950s for most of the rest of the run (with a brief period as a Superman / other heroes team-up book). I read it in the early 1980s for a while, when it was a double-sized "Dollar Comics" with four or five stories each issue. Nothing spectacular, but the lead stories were decent, the Captain Marvel stories by Bridwell/Newton were an interesting take on the character and there were some Green Arrow stories by Trevor von Eeden that looked interesting. Just after I dropped it the book went to just a regular 36-page comic with only the Superman/Batman story.

Picked up a handful of back issues through the years. #250 - #255 primarily because they have Creeper stories by Steve Ditko. Some of the earlier stuff features some interesting old reprints, plus some nice Dick Dillin art on the lead stories.

Not too interested in many back-issues at the prices they seem to be these days. I still need one more with a Ditko story, and wouldn't mind a few of the old 100-page issues full of reprints if I ever see some cheap.

No particular highlights among what I have, since each issue is such a mixed bag. The Creeper stories by Ditko are a little odd but fine, good minor Ditko. The Von Eeden Green Arrow stories are good looking, a few of them are decent reads, the Bridwell/Newton Captain Marvel stories are worth a look, including their "New Monster Society" serial.

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