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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Upcoming Stuff of Interest - Scout v1 by Truman

by Timothy Truman
Originally published in 1987 and created by Timothy Truman, Scout featured the Native American hero, Emanuel Santana, and his one-man war against oppressive governmental forces in a post-apocalyptic United States. Now, this revered and powerful series is re-mastered and presented to a new generation! This volume features the first 7 issues of the series, all featuring the writing and art of Truman, remastered and recolored for this volume! Plus, Truman provides a new original cover!
Bonus features include: an introduction by John Ostrander, an afterword - in the form of an interview - with creator Tim Truman, plus an original cover gallery.
Softcover, 168pgs, Full Colour $19.99
MAY06 3036 Dynamite Entertainment

A bit of a surprise, I hadn't heard this was coming out, and certainly not from a publisher otherwise doing media licensed comics with a dozen covers each. Anyway, really good stuff, with great artwork and an intersting story. I hope the reprint means that Truman intends to return to the world of Scout and those long-promised follow-up stories to WAR SHAMAN.

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