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Sunday, June 11, 2006

EC - Mad Reader (Wolverton)

Mad Reader!
art by Basil Wolverton, story by Harvey Kurtzman
Mad #11 (1954)

Wolverton did very little work for EC back in the comic book days, just a few bits for MAD (and some stuff pasted in PANIC as a cover and some single panel gags), though I think he did later do some work for the magazine incarnation of MAD. For the comic he didn't do any sequential art, just some illustrations in his usual grotesque manner. This story features six full page drawings by Wolverton with captions showing examples of what the different types of readers of MAD look like.

Pretty slick but disgusting stuff, using Wolverton's unique style to full effect. Also an interesting early example of how MAD quickly became an institution, and thus like any institution ripe for parody in MAD.

Wolverton also did the cover of this issue, one of his freaks labelled as the "beautiful girl of the month" in a cover that mimics the look of LIFE MAGAZINE.

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