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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Here comes that old travelling jones once again...

I'm heading off to the UK in a few days, so don't expect much in the way of posting or replies to e-mail for a few weeks. And if anyone has any tips on things to do and places to go with a week in Birmingham and and one in London, plus a Sunday afternoon in Glasgow and a day in Paris, feel free to comment or e-mail in the next few days. In comic book terms, I'm probably most interested in finding a good supply of cheap 1970s issues of COMMANDO (cheap being under £1), maybe a few of the Alan Class reprints of Atlas/Charlton/ACG comics that Tony Isabella features every now and then. Only really interested in American comics if they're very cheap, whatever the equivilant of a British quarter bin is.

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  1. Sixpence bin.

    London: British Museum (opposite GOSH comics), Tate Modern Art Gallery, London Eye (as seen in GLOBAL FREQUENCY).

    Brum: Nostalgia and Comics, etc.

    In all seriousness, Brum has been enjoying something of a renaissance. The region around the new Bull Ring, next to New Street Station (where you'll likely arrive) is great for food and tat.

    Re: Commando: don't expect to see it in comic shops. You'll have more luck at used bookstores, I suspect.

    You may be interested in this hardcover, which you might find in comic shops, but might also see (at a discount) in cheap bookstores such as THE WORKS chain.



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