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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Upcoming Stuff of Interest - Jack Cole Reader v1

by Jack Cole

A tribute to one of the wildest brains in comics! The creator of Plastic Man, Cole worked on dozens of features over twenty years. Included in this volume are early stories from 1938, Midnight, Burp the Twerp, Angels O'Day, Wun Clu, Death Patrol, and others. Most of this material has not been previously reprinted.

Softcover, 8x11, 160pgs, B&W $25.00
JUN063317 Pure Imagination Publishing

Cole's early work is pretty fascinating from the examples I've seen, and I look forward to seeing some more of them in this book. I like the Plastic Man stuff I've read in the DC collections, but this should have some more variety. And it's more reasonably priced.

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