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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Upcoming Stuff of Interest - Amelia Rules v3

by Jimmy Gownley

For the first time! This Harvey and Eisner-nominated series collects issues 11-16. Amelia McBride is facing more changes -Amelia may be moving again, new friend Trish is hiding a terrible secret, and superhero-wannabe Reggie has vowed to destroy the evil Legion of Steves. This first novel-length Amelia Rules! story masterfully combines drama and humor. Available is Softcover, Hardcover and signed Hardcover editions!
SOFTCOVER 6x9, 176pgs, FC $14.95 JUN063337 Renaissance Press
HARDCOVER 6x9, 176pgs, FC $24.95 JUN063338 Renaissance Press
SIGNED HARDCOVER 6x9, 176pgs, FC $40.95 JUN063339 Renaissance Press

Good to see Gownley quickly getting these books out after his previous publisher closed up. He's also re-releasing multiple editions of the two previous books this month, if you missed those. I'm not sure about the wisdom of putting them all out in the same month, but whatever seems to work. Anyway, very fun book, well written and drawn, I'm looking forward to see how he does with a longer story after the single issue bits of the first two books.

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