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Monday, June 12, 2006

Upcoming Stuff of Interest - Shazam Family Archives v1

Written by various
Art by Mac Raboy, Al Carreno Marc Swayze and C.C. Beck
Cover by Mac Raboy

A stunning Golden Age Archive featuring the adventures of Captain Marvel, Jr. and the origin of Mary Marvel from MASTER COMICS 23-32, CAPTAIN MARVEL JR. #1 and CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #18! Plus, a foreword by comics historian P.C. Hamerlinck.

on sale September 27 228 pg Full Colour, $49.99 US

I'll be curious to see reviews of this. For the last few years the semi-official reason this book hasn't existed seems to have been that the method DC uses to reprint comics when the only source material is printed comics wasn't up to the task of Raboy's linework. I'm not sure the evidence I've seen suggests they now are (they've had some good looking books recently, but on stuff where it seems they have original art or stats). Should be good stuff if the reproduction is up to snuff. Though for really good (and more affordable) examples of Raboy's work from high quality source material, check out the Dark Horse collections of his run as artist on the Flash Gordon comic strip.

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