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Friday, February 16, 2007

Hoka Hoka Hey

Not that I'm updating my existing weblogs enough to justify starting another, but some itches needs scratching.

About a million years ago, give or take, I put together a few issues of the second volume of an online newsletter called Gunk'l'dunk, devoted to all things related to Larry Marder's excellent comic book experience TALES OF THE BEANWORLD. It fell by the wayside some time ago, not the least because there was exceedingly little to report on with Beanworld publishing being mostly absent then, and unfortunately that continues now. However, for various reasons I decided now was a good time to revive it as Gunk'l'dunk v03, now in weblog form. I've got slightly spiffed up versions of my own issues of v02, a link to where you can read v01 (edited by founder Jeremy York) and other stuff and a few posts on the two major themes I plan to explore to start, Marder artwork in various obscure places and Beanworld characters appearing in artwork by other artists. More will probably follow. Since Marder isn't the most prolific of artists I won't be updating too frequently, so as to keep it going for a while, but I'll try to get up something every week.

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