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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Linking around

Eddie Campbell continues to spotlight pages of the script to FROM HELL, this time with one of my favourite exchanges:
GULL: Netley, do you know what your foremost distinguishing feature is?
NETLEY: Why, I… I can’t think, sir.
GULL: Precisely.

TwoMorrows has some interesting new stuff announced in their new catalog, like a book on John Romita and one on silver age sci-fi comics (with great Alan Davis / Paul Neary cover). Add those to such previously announced things as the upcoming Joe Sinnott book and it looks like a good year for them. Oh, and log on to their site on Wednesday to get a free issue of ALTER EGO.

Steve Thompson features what he accurately calls the strangest Sub-Mariner tale of them all. Imperius Rex! No wonder Sue chose Reed.

Some nice pages from the S&K war title FOXHOLE over at Harry's S&K blog.

Steve Bissette on Rick Veitch's upcoming reprint of his EPIC ILLUSTRATED short stories, plus a new zombie drawing for an upcoming anthology and more.

Fred Hembeck posts about an old DC/Marvel crossover story, "The Massacre of the Innocents" by Brad Caslor, that appeared in RBCC back in the 1970s, posted in full on Hembeck's site now.

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