Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sugar&Spike - Feature Pages - Write Your Own

In addition to the comics, SUGAR AND SPIKE was known for the many interactive feature pages, which were also done by Sheldon Mayer.  Always fun, although responsible for many of the back issues you find being in less than stellar condition.  The "Write Your Own Comic Page" started with the very first issue, and continued right to the end, missing only a few issues (and with a few variations, like scrambled panels).  For most of the run it featured two unnamed boys seen above, a few years older than the toddler stars of the series, having various slapstick adventures that don't really need words to understand, but provide ample opportunity for gags.  There is one episode which features Sugar interacting with the boys, so it looks like they are in the same neighbourhood.  Towards the end of the series, the pages would sometimes feature Sugar and Spike, or their supporting characters Bernie the Brain and Little Arthur, instead of our regular stars.

Not sure if the upcoming reprint will include the various feature pages like these, it would be nice if they are in there, as they add a lot to the experience.  Although I picture someone buying a hardcover years from now and finding the paper-dolls cut out, and the "Write Your Own" comic page filled in...

This page appeared in SUGAR AND SPIKE #32 [1961].

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