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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Upcoming Comics - Alter Ego Centennial

Congratulations to Roy Thomas for making it to #100 with this iteration of his magazine devoted to classic comics. I was a regular reader of it for years, been a bit more selective about picking it up since #50 a few years ago, but I always enjoy it, and will definitely be picking up this issue.

Alter Ego: Centennial is a celebration of 100 issues, and 50 years, of Alter Ego, Roy Thomas’ legendary super-hero fanzine. It’s a double-size triple-threat book, with twice as many pages as the regular magazine, plus special features just for this anniversary edition! Behind a Rich Buckler/Jerry Ordway JSA cover, Alter Ego celebrates its dual anniversaries as Roy Thomas is interviewed about the 1990s at DC and several independents! Plus, special anniversary editions of Alter Ego staples Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt, Fawcett Collectors of America (FCA), and Alex Wright's amazing color collection of 1940s DC pinup babes!
Softcover, 8x11, 160pgs, $19.95

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