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Monday, January 17, 2011

Sugar&Spike - The Fix-It Machine

A reminder, if you're planning to get the upcoming SUGAR AND SPIKE ARCHIVES VOL. 1 from a comic book store, right now is the best time to let them know of your interest. Order code JAN110334, page 115 of January 2011 Diamond Previews. They'll probably still be able to order it later (the book isn't due out until August/September), but the initial numbers they order in the next few weeks probably count for a lot, and early interest may encourage them to order shelf copies in addition to special orders. You can also order it from other sources, like Amazon, not sure if early orders on places like that have any effect, but the price they have now is pretty good, so good idea to lock it in now.

The Chronicles of Sheldon Mayer's Sugar & Spike

The Fix-It Machine
Sugar & Spike #9 [1957]
6 pages
Reprints: None [yet]
Dedication: Linda Mayer, Washington DC

Hm, no idea if that dedication is related to Sheldon Mayer...

Anyway, Spike gets a new scooter, and plays with it by sitting on it upsidedown and rolling the wheels with his hands.  Sugar realizes this is wrong, and correctly surmises that it's a "bump toy", which is exactly what it sounds like.  The scooter doesn't last long under that abuse, which leads to Sugar teaching Spike about how to use his father as a fix-it-machine.  Things escalate from there, to an entertaining finish.

Clever little story, especially the looks of pure joy as the kids think they're finally starting to learn about how the world works, contrasted with exactly how far off they are.

Characters: Sugar, Spike, Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Wilson
Damage: The scooter, multiple times and Spike's clothes

Sugar's treatment of Spike: Very rough, dragging him around, standing on him, although oddly the most damage is done when she's trying to keep him from hurting himself

"Are you sure you're playing with it right?"

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