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Monday, April 25, 2005

Dino Quest

Over on the Palaeoblog, Steve Bissette continues his exploration of Dinosaur comics. In the most recent chapter he mentions an issue of the Catholic Guild comic TREASURE CHEST he had and cut up in his dinofeverish youth. I've been able to track down this scan which appears to be the one he's talking about.

That's v16#9, whole number 288 (or possibly 295), January 5, 1961. Anyway, figure I'd post it here as well, since it's a neat looking cover, and I'm curious how the creationist/evolution angle was handled in it. If anyone reading this has a copy or comes across one, let me or Steve know.

[update, he now has a copy]

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  1. Funny, Bissette's post got us on a dinosaur comic kick, too! We did track down an original copy at last. Plus we found some scans on the web. We shared them at the following address if you would like to drop by and read the entire story:


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