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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

EC - Pearl Divers (Kubert)

Pearl Divers
art by Joe Kubert, story by Jerry De Fuccio
Two-Fisted Tales #33[#16] (1953)

Joe Kubert only drew three stories for EC during a brief period in 1953, around the same time he was doing 3-D books like TOR and THREE STOOGES for St. John. It's gorgeous work, like most of his work from the period, and has the added benefit of much sharper reproduction than most examples of early Kubert reprints (although I haven't seen the hardcover TOR reprints).

This is an entertaining enough short story about pearl divers off the coast of Australia. Following their abrupt introduction, Rex Kingdom takes Mike Holford aboard his schooner and they find a giant pearl. On his second trip down, Rex is attacked by a shark and barely makes it out. Back on shore, he reveals his suspicions about why the shark attacked him. Kubert's art has a lot of detail and character, with some fun animals and sets which seem well-researched, or at least well faked.

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