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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Doctor Who - "The End of the World"

The second episode of the new DOCTOR WHO series was on last night. Still a mixed reaction, but I just checked an episode guide and saw that there are Daleks coming up so I'll probably stick around.

I have to say, something about having commercials in the middle of my DOCTOR WHO watching just feels wrong.

And tossing in pop music feels even more wrong. I didn't mind "Tainted Love", since it's not a bad song, but Britney Spears? I was really ready to give up on the show right there. They seem to fluctuate between showing that they really understand the premise of the show and just missing it completely.

On a better note, I did think that the effects were more even this time around. It still felt like classic WHO, but updated with better effects that can now be done cheaply, all better intergrated than in the first episode. There was some fun goofy stuff, and a surprisingly dense and well-structured plot for a one hour show.

I'm still not sold on this new Doctor, not at all. A few flashes of interesting behaviour, but maybe a bit too goofy. It'll also be interesting to see where they go with this "fate of the Time Lords" thing that they set up in this episode (I'm not sure if that refers to events from the decade of the show I skipped). That might make for an interesting storyline down the road, unless the intent was just to write the rest of the Time Lords out of the story.

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