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Thursday, March 23, 2006

EC - Voodoo Death (Craig)

Voodoo Death
by Johnny Craig
Tales From the Crypt #23[#7] (1951)

This story features Jay and Bill vacationing down in Haiti, going through the jungle to catch a glimpse of a secret voodoo ceremony. Their shock at seeing a dead native and a voodoo doll come to life gives them away, and Bill runs off, leaving Jay to be captured. Jay eventually finds his way back, but on the way home Bill sees a voodoo doll on his bed, and throws it out to sea. Later at home he gets a package with the doll again. This time it attacks him, and Jay reveals that the doll was sent to kill Bill, and is animated by Jay's own heart.

Not one of my favourite Craig stories, I tend to prefer his straight crime stories. I did like some of the drawings of the doll, like it leaping behind Bill with a needle.

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