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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Upcoming Stuff of Interest - June 2006 - Andru and Esposito - Partners For Life

Might as well jump straight into another month as I find out about stuff...

by Mike Esposito and Dan Best

Penciller Ross Andru and inker Mike Esposito were one of the most famous, prolific, and talented artistic teams to flourish during the Silver Age of comics. Whether working as publishers of their own work during the 1950s or at DC Comics on such strips as Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Metal Men, Flash, on numerous war strips, or on DC's flagship character, Superman, their work is fondly remembered today by fans and comic book historians. In the 1970s both artists lent their talents to Marvel's titles and continued to turn in inspiring work for DC. Andru and Esposito: Partners for Life chronicles the careers of both artists and is packed with hundreds of illustrations, most from original artwork, spanning both artists' careers. The book also contains mountains of never-before-seen unpublished material, an authoritative text by Esposito and comic book historian Dan Best, and a detailed checklist.
208 Pages, Tradepaperback, $29.99
Hermes Press APR063572
(Hardcover $49.99, APR063573)

This promises to be an interesting book. Andru and Esposito had a long career with a lot of different facets, not all of which I'm that familiar with, but I do like their war comics and what I've seen of their WONDER WOMAN and METAL MEN.

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