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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Stuff of Interest - May 2006 - Alan Moore: The Complete Future Shocks

by Alan Moore & Various
Alan Moore is perhaps today'’s most widely respected comic book writer, having produced such modern classics as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta, and Swamp Thing. Not many people will realize, though, that much of Moore'’s early work was done for Britain'’s award winning comic 2000AD. Now from the Galaxy'’s Greatest Comic comes a treasury of early stories from one of the very best writers in the business.
Softcover, 8x11, 160pgs, B&W $21.99
MAR063353 Rebellion

Good to see this, though in the decade since I would have been really interested I've read all but a half-dozen of Moore's 2000AD stories in either the old collections (SHOCKING FUTURES and TWISTED TIMES), the original printings or the Quality/Fleetway crappy colour comics anthologies. It's an odd mix of stuff, to be sure, a few bits of brilliance, some clever stuff that just doesn't work, some complete failures. I hope they're serious about "Complete" and include every Moore story that doesn't appear in the HALO JONES, SKIZZ and DR&QUINCH collections, but I doubt it. The page count seems a bit light for that (there are about 60 stories that don't fit in the other books by my count, although some of those are two-pagers), unless this is literally just the Future Shock stuff, and they're going to do a second volume for Time Twisters.


  1. did alan moore write a future shocks story. where the kids were giant's and the grown up's were little.

  2. That one doesn't sound familiar, although as I said I'm missing a few.

    I did some checking, by the way, and if that page count is right this isn't going to be a "Complete Moore in 2000AD not printed in one of the three other books", sadly. That would take about 240 pages, including the Abelard Snazz, Rogue Trooper, Robo-Busters and various non-series stuff.

  3. i just was wondering, because i have a original script(future shocks) that i have had for years. i will have to dig it out and find out who wrote it. from john britton.

  4. I'd be curious, especially if it's a Moore story. By the way, 2000AD had a pretty extensive website ( with the contents of most issues indexed, so if you have the title and writer you should be able to find the issue and artist easily.


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