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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Stuff of Interest - May 2006 - Stinz / Desert Peach

by Donna Barr & Various
The last issue of the Stinz series is a 26-page wrap-up story and a gallery of Stinz-flavored art by guest artists, a fantastic cartoon gallery, and roughs for the new and different Desert Peach series will make this issue a must-have. Guest artists include Roberta Gregory and a classic contribution from Carla Speed McNeil, as well as Canadian animator Johane Matte's Manga Stinz.
64pgs, B&W $5.95
MAR062855 A Fine Line

by Donna Barr
Desert Peach is back at last for a very weird story: Pithed. Pfirsich, Rommel's prettiest (and fictional) brother is dead, and in Hell. While there, he often chats with his also dead grandson -— a 20th-century neo-nazi who really can't stand his gay, "Jew-lover" grandfather. The dark humor and the biting satire of the behavior of white people toward the rest of the world throughout history will make you cringe, laugh, maybe weep, and nod with despair.
64pgs, B&W $5.95
MAR062856 A Fine Line

This DESERT PEACH story can be read in colour at Modern Tales right now, and ordered as a print-on-demand colour book for quite a bit more than this black&white edition. I read the on-line version, and it's probably the oddest PEACH story to date. The series has been getting increasingly surreal for about the last decade, and this latest one sends it over the top, going into a sci-fi future, the past and the afterlife with odd metaphysical overtones. Add to that Barr's weird colour sense, which proves to be even more iconoclastic than her art, writing and lettering. There's some good stuff there, but I'll probably have to read it a few more times to really digest it. I think I really did prefer the more straight-forward style of the first two dozen PEACH issues, though. I'm also not completely sure what's going on with STINZ. Apparently the Stinz world is now part of the Desert Peach world, which I'm not even sure makes sense.

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