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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stuff of Interest - June 2006 - Usagi Yojimbo #94

by Stan Sakai

The deadly Koroshi League of Assassins is back-and its longstanding grudge against our favorite rabbit ronin is far from forgotten! This is especially true for Saiko, the swift and beautiful young murderer whose father and partners were killed by Usagi, Katsuichi-sensei, and Jotaro in the landmark issue #75. Usagi, fresh from his stay in the friendly Geishu Province, again runs afoul of Saiko by attempting to prevent her latest contract. But when he tries to protect the life of a prominent local merchant, Saiko takes the man's young daughter hostage! It's a life-and-death standoff . . . will the long-eared samurai prevail by sacrificing an innocent, or will he allow this homicidal up-and-comer to escape, free to continue carving her bloody path through feudal Japan? Find out this month, in Usagi Yojmbo!
On sale June 28, b&w, 24pg, $2.99

That's a great looking dramatic cover. This has been your monthly reminder not to take UY for granted without much more to say about it...

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