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Saturday, April 21, 2007

COMMANDO turns 4000

Marking a bit of a milestone, either out now or coming out this week coming is COMMANDO #4000, just the latest in 46 years of the British war comics series. I'm pretty sure it's the only English language comic to make it to that mark, or likely to within my lifetime (2000 A.D. would seem to be next in line, and it's about 47 years away, by which time COMMANDO will be nearing in on #9000 at current publication rates).

According to the official site, the contents of #4000 are:

4000/Aces All! Script by Ferg Handley; inside artwork and cover by Jose Maria Jorge.

Among the trivia reported on this fan site:

1. Of the 4000 titles issued – over 900 have been reprints.
4. There have been over 140 different authors. (The most prolific writer being C.G. Walker with over 350 titles).
5. There have been over 100 different cover artists. (The most prolific cover artist being Ian Kennedy with over 1000 titles).
6. There have been over 120 different interior artists. (The most prolific interior artist being Gordon Livingstone with over 360 titles).
16. Now having collected all the 4000 issues, you would need a shelf around 12metres long to house them.

I've previously posted about COMMANDO with a review of #1504 and a look at some covers (ending with the most exciting ever).

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