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Sunday, April 08, 2007

EC - Gregory Had a Model-T (Kurtzman)

Gregory Had a Model-T
by Harvey Kurtzman
Weird Science #7 (1951)

Nice sort of wistful fantasy from Kurtzman for this tale, with the narrative even being a sort of front-porch story, detailing the narrator's experience with an old man who bought a Model-T back in 1920, cared for it like it was part of the family through the decades as it became an antique, until finally he had a heart attack (and the car apparently drove him home by itself after that). Finally the car is sold, but doesn't think much of its new owner...

And with the death of its original owner the car drives itself off a cliff and kills itself. A really well told little story, probably capturing as well as any bit of fiction the relationship between men and machines in that era. This is one of my favourite of the stories Kurtzman both wrote and drew.

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