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Monday, April 23, 2007

Pretty Pictures on the Interweb

With guests like these... - Back when Jim Keefe was doing the Flash Gordon comic strip, he would get in some guest artists. Must be nice to have your substitutes include Al Williamson, Joe Kubert and John Romita. Some of those guest strips are available on Keefe's site.

Homer Arkwright? - One of the creepiest things you'll see on the web, Bryan Talbot drawing a realistic version of Homer and Bart Simpson for a proposed (and rejected, sadly) parallel world SIMPSONS story. Lots of other great stuff in the galleries on that site.

Not so Rough on the eyes - Bob McLeod has a section on his site devoted to his magazine ROUGH STUFF. Any site which includes work I haven't seen before by Alex Toth, John Totleben, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Gene Colan, Steve Bissette, Gil Kane, Craig Russell, Jerry Ordway and others is okay by me.

A Bear in Asgard - Some pretty stunning work from Tim Truman for his ODIN: THE WANDERER project that he works on between other assignments.

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