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Sunday, April 08, 2007

EC - The Rug (Ingels)

The Rug!
art by Graham Ingels, story by Al Feldstein
Shock SuspenStories #1 (1952)

Rather odd little morality play with a twist ending about an experienced hunter taking his novice friend up on a bear-hunting trip, bragging about his bearskin rug and promising to get his friend one of his own. They're able to kill a large bear, but the non-hunter friend finds it all barbaric.

That night, the hunter hears a noise outside, and when he goes to investigate gets attacked by a giant grizzly, and when his friend investigates the noise, he finds the hunter has been skinned and turned into a rug. No real explanation for why a bear would do that, just one of those twists that they needed to finish the story. And bears are godless killing machines.

Not one of the better Ingels horror stories, as there's not much of an opportunity for grotesque horror until the end, and that image doesn't quite have the impact you'd expect from him.

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