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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

McCain on Stewart

I've been pretty disappointed with Jon Stewart's interviews on THE DAILY SHOW for at least the last month. Half the time I find myself fast-forwarding through them after a few minutes. But last night, wow. All is forgiven, Jonny Stew.

Does John McCain actually want to be President? I'm not sure that's obvious from his performance last night. Certainly if that's his current debating skill level he's going to get eaten alive if the real press try to do their job.

Two interesting quotes from McCain:

"Nobody complained more than me over the last several years about the way the war was mismanaged."

"I was the most severe critic of that architect for the nearly four years that we employed a failed and flawed strategy that's caused us to sacrifice so much..."

Is he serious? He thinks he was out front in time and force on his criticism of the Bush administration? He's still not the most severe critic, and certainly wasn't three years ago when he was hugging President Bush.

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