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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Barks - The Hypno-Gun

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #145 - October 1952
W WDC 145-01

More classic Barks fun, this time a Donald Duck story featuring Uncle Scrooge in a supporting role. The nephews play with a toy "hypno-gun", which Donald, in his infinite gullibility, thinks is real and far too dangerous for kids. On his way to throw it out his greed proves even greater than his gullibility, and he tries to use it go get money from Uncle Scrooge, with predictable results.

Donald goes out doing some bill collecting for Scrooge, with a lot more hypnotic episodes. Lots of neat stuff from Barks in this one, I especially liked how it shows off his skills with facial expressions for the Ducks, with a lot of emotions, plus Donald acting like a gopher and a gorilla, really developing them well from their animation roots.

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