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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

THE QUESTION by O'Neil/Cowan #21 - #25

Continuing with THE QUESTION

#21, "Rejects", was the first issue of the series I ever picked up, so it would be a favourite just for that reason. It also has a great black&white cover by Cowan/Sienkiewicz which I think is the best of their collaborations. Dick Giordano is the guest inker this issue, which looked different. Good, but different.

This story continues the Junior Musto story from #6, starting with a flashback continuing the last scene from that issue, with some interesting bits about identity and the symbolic significance of Vic's mask. Then in the present, Junior steals a heart to give to his father for a transplant while Vic is sent to report on his high school reunion.

There are many brilliant bits in this issue, and I think I can call it my favourite issue overall.

#22 begins the long awaited polling day in "Election Day: The Fix". Malcolm Jones III joins as the regular inker, which looks really nice. It's hard to pick whether I liked Magyar or Jones better, partly because Cowan's pencilling style was also shifting around this point. Both were really good.

This is a very cynical storyline about voting irregularities, cover-ups, fixed voting machines, corrupt judges and all the rest. And for the action scenes, you have the Question fighting bikers, which is a lot of fun.

#23 is "Election Day: Welcome to Oz", and also has the final Cowan/Sienkiewicz cover. It starts with a history lesson on the first Hub City election, which not surprisingly ended in violence. Back in the present, the election continues with even more violence, an approaching storm and Vic facing a bit of a moral dilemma as he has to lie on the air to prevent more violence.

#24 concludes the storyline (in name, at least) with "Election Day: The Dark", more fun with bikers, including one odd scene of Vic almost being burned alive, and the storm hitting. Bit of an odd ending, didn't entirely work for me, but I remember the ending really catching me off guard.

#25 is "Skells", with the aftermath of the election and the storm and Vic's search for the former Mayor. I found this run of the book a bit weaker than the earlier stuff, but there were a few things I really liked in almost every issue. In this issue there was a really good bit with Vic talking about his growing anger and reversion to his earlier personality.

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