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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Barks - Island in the Sky

Uncle Scrooge #29 - March 1960
W US 29-01

This 18-page story begins with the rather odd premise that Duckburg is the single city in its world with technological marvels, including flying cars and space travel, including space stations which transmit news and weather. Why you'd need such a capability when there's a single city that's hoarding this technology I don't know...

I'm not quite sure what the point of it only being Duckburg that has this technology is, since the story works the same without that little bit. Anyway, Scrooge decides that the perfect place to hide his money would be an asteroid, and takes the nephews out to find one in a second-hand rocket with the minimum of fuel he thinks he'll need to find such a place.

For some reason I can't resist posting panels about high fuel prices...

After various mishaps, they find an asteroid that has a lot of food and a nearby island with some aliens with minimal food, even less after Donald's rash actions scare off the birds that are the source of their eggs. In an atypical moment of generosity, Scrooge winds up helping them at quite a cost to himself. He got to be a softie when the '60s began.

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