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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

EC - Ghost Ship (Feldstein)

Ghost Ship
by Al Feldstein
Crypt of Terror, The #19[#3] (1950)

Some early New Trend from Feldstein, not really the most effective. It's one of the stories that has a full page splash of the host completely unrelated to the story, which is never a good thing. The story is about a couple who crash land a plane on the ocean and come across an old abandoned pirate ship. Fortunately, they find that a succession of leaders on the ship have kept a detailed log which chronicles the fate of the ship, which turns out to be a phantom ship which the couple just manage to escape from.

Not a great story, but I did like some of the artwork of the pirate ship and crew. However, it looks a bit odd with the bright colouring on the reprint I have. It's like all these dark scenes set in the middle of the day with perfect blue oceans and clear skies.

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