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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Barks - Spending Money

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #144 - September 1952
W WDC 144-01

This is among the first few Barks stories that I recall reading, a really good fairly early Scrooge story (published shortly after the definitive "Only a Poor Old Man" but before Scrooge has his own series), so the character is still only partially developed. He certainly wouldn't make mistakes like this soon after.

Yes, he hires Donald to spend the excess of cash that he has that won't fit in his money bin and keeps pouring in from businesses that he doesn't even know he owns. In retrospect, that bit sort of telegrams the ending, but it's still clever and has a lot of good gags along the way. I especially like the series of luxury Roadhog cars that Donald insists they buy along the way

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