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Thursday, August 04, 2005

EC - The Vamp! (Craig/Davis)

The Vamp!
art by Johnny Craig & Jack Davis, story by Johnny Craig
Haunt of Fear #10 (1951)

Rather unusual story for EC, with Craig doing pencils on the first four pages, Davis doing the next three, and Davis inking the whole thing. Not sure why, if this was a deadline thing or what, but see here.

It's an odd effect, with the first half very much looking like a looser and more organic version of Craig's usual work, and suddenly much more like Davis, but a bit restrained (presumably trying to keep the art consistent) on the last few pages. Probably not intentional, but it did fit the story which had a lot more action that fit the Davis artwork in the second half.

Pretty standard vampire story, with the requisite beautiful women as a couple go on a European vacation and the husband is seduced by a woman who turns out to be one of the undead. Not a great story, but there are some very nice bits of art throughout.


  1. Anonymous6:01 pm

    The reason that both artists work on this story is, if I remember correctly, that Johnny Craig's father in law died, and he was unable to finish the story, handing off the rest to Davis.

  2. Thanks. I really should remember to check TALES OF TERROR for questions like that when they come up.


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