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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bits of Toth - UFO

I think this 3-page story, from THE COSMIC BOOK #1, published in 1986, might be the last actual comic book story that Toth drew. It's dated 1984, and the other later stuff I've seen (mostly various stuff for DC, plus the second Bravo story) is dated 1982/1983. After that all I've seen from him are covers/pinups and illustrated letters. Can anyone identify anything later? Also, was there an animation strike or something in the 1983 era that led to Toth's brief return to comics?

Anyway, a very odd little story, very whimsical and funny look at UFO sightings, and with that odd cadence that you also see in Toth's handwritten letters/essays that have graced many a fanzine.

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