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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Random movie thoughts - Grosse Point Blank

So, I'm watching GROSSE POINT BLANK for, I dunno, the twentieth time. And I wonder about some things...

Am I really one of the few people who thinks this was one of the greatest movies of the 1990s? I mean seriously, I love this film, but I think I've only met one other person who even understood what I was talking about when I've mentioned it. I mean, it's fucking brilliant stuff (a little flawed, but brilliant).

And why haven't we seen a decent DVD release of it? I mean, at least it's widescreen, but no commentary, no extras beyond a theatrical trailer? When the crappiest movie these days seems to get a double disc release full of (mercifully) deleted scenes, cast interviews and what not? That ain't right....

And two of the best movies that John Cusack (who I generally like) has been in are those he's co-scripted with D.V. DeVincentis and Steve Pink, based on stories by others (GPB and HIGH FIDELITY). Has he not noticed that? Shouldn't that trio be out looking for other movies to co-script, rather than Cusack doing stuff like RUNAWAY JURY and MUST LOVE DOGS?

And Minnie Driver, what's up with her? There was this brief window where she was one of my favourite actresses, having done great work as the female lead in GPB, SLEEPERS, GOOD WILL HUNTING and RETURN TO ME in a few years, plus some good smaller roles in a few movies. Since then, nothing of note, and a recurring role on Will & Grace of all things. Did I miss something there, is there a reason she hasn't had a major role in a few years?

That's about all. I mean, I love the movie, I pick up something cool I'd forgotten each time (this time the "thanks for the pen" line), but mostly frustration that it seems to be an unrecognized masterpiece and that the leads don't seem to be working up to their potential (for that matter, I see the director has only done one movie, a pretty major flop, since GPB).

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