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Friday, May 05, 2006

My Collection - SUICIDE SQUAD [1987 Series]

Suicide Squad [1987 series]
29 issues [1987 - 1992]
1 - 14, 17 - 20, 22 - 27, 30 - 31, 59, 62 - 63

This title borrowed the name of an old short-lived Kanigher/Andru/Esposito concept, and a few characters (Rick Flag), but added various things. The basic concept was that the government was running covert operations that included a work-release program for super-villains, letting them earn their freedom by going on deadly missions. It was written by John Ostrander throughout (with Kim Yale in the second half) and various artists.

I know it's a pretty well regarded series in some on-line circles, so I'm probably not going to win too many friends by saying, despite having about half the run (it went to #66) I'm not a big fan of SUICIDE SQUAD. Didn't hate it, obviously, but didn't love it either. I sampled it when I got back into comics, starting with #20 because it had a nice cover with some old-school Flash villains (or "rogues", as we cognoscenti call them). It was okay, nothing great, and I picked up a few more issues later, but then it began a crossover with such winning titles as CHECKMATE, so I didn't want to bother.

Later on I saw a run of most of the first 19 issues in a quarter bin, and since I'd heard a few good things about the book by then, and part of it crossed over with some JUSTICE LEAGUE stuff I did read, I picked them up. Parts of the first year were pretty good, but I don't think I even finished the issues in the teens. Or at least they don't look too familiar. Picked up a few more on the cheap later, although none of them made much of an impact.

Recommended issues, I'd say that up to #8 is some good reading, solidly setting up the premise of the series and the characters in a variety of situations.

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