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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Upcoming Stuff of Interest - Public Enemy #1

by Chuck D & Adam Wallenta
The evil Executives and their New World Order are about to unleash their master plan for world domination. Before they can succeed though, they must enliminate a young boy named Vincent who holds the key to their ultimate weapon. Unfortunately for the Executives, Vincent is a Public Enemy fan. In a desperate attempt to destroy their enemies, the Executives devise a plan to eliminate Vincent, Public Enemy, and their Underground Allies in one clean swoop. This is the beginning of an epic battle for peace and justice as Public Enemy and the Underground Railroad fight the powers that be to keep the American people free from tryanny and oppression.
40pgs, Full Color $3.99
MAY06 2831 American Mule Entertainment

I don't know about this. Enemy's early stuff is among the few examples of rap I like, and they have an interesting voice that might adapt well to comics, but that plot seems a bit over the top and likely to fall flat in execution. We'll see.

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