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Monday, May 29, 2006

Upcoming Stuff of Interest - Charlton Spotlight #5


The issue all true Charlton fans have been waiting for! Living legend Joe Gill talks to interviewer Jim Amash about his career in comics from the Golden Age to the Bronze and beyond, with behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the artists, editors, and publishers Joe knew during his 30+ years and tens of thousands of pages of Charlton stories.

Mark Burbey and Gene Phillips take in-depth looks at the origins of the Gill-Ditko action-heroes Captain Atom, Blue Beetle and The Question; Steve Skeates tells the story behind a story that began as a DC Phantom Stranger adventure and became a Charlton Dr. Graves tale with Marvel-ous overtones in "Graves Acting Strangely"; Ron Frantz recalls his 1980s collaborations with Gill, Ditko, McLaughlin, Toth and (almost) Harlan Ellison; and Steve Skeates returns with a personal memoir of his early Dr. Graves and Thane of Bagarth work with the late, great Jim Aparo. Plus: a detailed look at the 1970s Charlton "text stories experiment" by Ramon Schenk and new installments of Nicola Cuti's Weirdlings cartoons and Howard Davis's With Pen & Brush, all wrapped inside a special Joe Gill cover painting by ex-Charlton writer-editor Nicola Cuti.
Magazine, 80pgs, B&W $7.95
JUN063525 Argo Press

Been meaning to try this magazine for a while, and this issue looks like a great place to start. I'm especially looking forward to the full story behind that Dr. Graves story. Didn't realize it was a Phantom Stranger story at some point. That would have been interesting.

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