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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Upcoming Stuff of Interest - Kickback by David Lloyd

KICKBACK Hardcover

Joe Canelli is a crooked cop working in a corrupt police force. Joe is haunted by nightmares of powerlessness. When his partner is brutally murdered and he's betrayed by his colleagues, it appears that Joe's nightmares are coming true. With his back against the wall there's only one thing he can do-turn against the criminal network that he once embraced.

Kickback is a fast-paced, action-filled, noir-style, 96 page crime thriller from the co-creator of V for Vendetta, David Lloyd.

On sale August 16, Hardcover, 96pg, Full Color, 7" x 10", $12.95

Well, I was just saying recently how much a shame it was that Lloyd's work since VENDETTA was so rare (and mostly HELLBLAZER related), so I'd he a major hypocrite not to be interested in this. 96 page original colour comic written and drawn by Lloyd in hardcover for $13? I'm completely there. Looks like it might be an interesting story as well, and it's a stricking cover image.

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