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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bad old WHO

Watched another pair of old DOCTOR WHO tapes from my library. Not too impressive, unfortunately.

"The Keeper of Traken" is from late in Tom Baker's run, and there might have been the essence of a good story in there, but it would be pretty hard to see under the awful acting. Add in a really annoying companion and future companion, and that's about it for this episode. Also kind of odd, I kept thinking one of the characters was the Master, when he wasn't, and then being doubly confused when the Master was revealed to be the main villain. Who then took over and transformed the first character. I suppose I must have seen an episode or some photos with the actor in Master guise from future episodes and recognized him from that.

"The Twin Dilemma" was the first story for the sixth doctor, Colin Baker, the first time I've ever seen his stint (leaving only Patrick Troughton among the original Doctors that I haven't seen. Unfortunately doesn't look like any of his run are among my library's holdings). Don't want to judge him too much since it was his first, and the storyline required him to be "unstable" as a result of the regeneration, but man was this some bad TV. Bad acting, bad writing, bad aliens. I think my least favourite serial yet. Attractive companion in Peri, but she was written pretty poorly as well.

Fortunately the remaining videos my library has are from the earlier Doctors (at least one from each except Troughton), so hopefully there won't be anything as bad as the later ones I've seen so far.

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