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Sunday, July 24, 2005

EC - Dream of Doom (Wood)

Dream of Doom
art by Wallace Wood, story by Harry Harrison (?)
Weird Science #12[#1] (1950)

More early New Trend fun, with a story about a man, Art Bristol, who is trapped in an endless sequence of dreams, constantly thinking he's just waked up only to find another level. Not the most original idea, but well executed in this version, especially the transitions from one dream to the next being in the sound effects (a ringing phone becomes a ringing alarm clock).

Also interesting how some of the dreams involve being an artist, such as a trip to publisher "Gill Baines" (with the art for this very story), who is excessive in his praise for the art. Later there's some two-fisted cartoonist action as Art has a discussion about the merits of photo reference with his studio mate Bill Kurtz.

Still early Wood, but you could see the distinctive inking developing in a lot of places.

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