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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

EC - H-5! (Wood)

art by Wallace Wood, story by Harvey Kurtzman
Frontline Combat #12 (1953)

Capping off the Air Force issue of FRONTLINE is this story featuring the Sikorsky H-5 helicopter in Korea, on a rescue mission to pick up an F-80 pilot who parachuted down behind enemy lines. Very tight 8-pager with various twists involving enemy attacks, equipment failure and heroics, well told with some interesting layout tricks to help the pacing of the story.

It's an interesting contrast with the Alex Toth story in the same issue, with Wood's attention to detail being at its peak, trying to draw every fold in the clothing, every instrument on the control panel. Plus he's using a lot of tone-work at this point. Meanwhile of course Toth was trying his best to tell the most with the least number of lines. Both valid approaches, of course, the variety of the excellent art in each issue is a big draw of the EC books.

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