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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Collection - MARVEL'S GREATEST COMICS [1969 Series]

Marvel's Greatest Comics [1969 series]
45 issues [1969 - 1980]
23, 25 - 30, 33, 37, 43, 45, 47 - 54, 56, 61 - 68, 70 - 81, 83 - 85, 88, 94

Hm, not much to say about this one that won't end up on the Kirby weblog (one of them is the first place I remember seeing Kirby's art, and I'll talk about that at length on the other weblog in a few weeks). This was obviously my big source for affordable (usually edited but still brilliant) reprints of the Kirby Fantastic Four. Early issues continued the format of MARVEL COLLECTORS' ITEM CLASSICS as well as the numbering, with other reprints including Iron Man and Doctor Strange, which were fun. All that stuff is available in better editions now, of course. After a while they went to just FF reprints, first two per issue, then down to regular comic size and one issue of FF each month.

I do have a few issues that reprint post-Kirby FF, mostly because they were cheap and I was mildly curious. Don't think much of them, though, although some of the art is good and Joe Sinnott obviously did a good job of keeping the overall look of the series going for years.

Now that we're finally getting un-edited reprints of the later FF issues these are a lot more disposable. A few I'll definitely keep, though. In particular the few that Kirby did new covers for

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