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Friday, July 22, 2005

EC - Murder May Boomerang (Craig)

Murder May Boomerang
by Johnny Craig
Crime SuspenStories #1 (1950)

This is one of my favourite Craig crime stories from EC, a really intense piece that makes good use of the 8-page format with a tightly written complex story with what I found to be a genuine surprise ending.

This story has a man with his elderly father driving in the rain, with the younger man desperate for some reason. His mind flashes back to his boyhood and all the sacrifices his father made for him, until finally he was successful enough that his father could retire and they go on a camping trip to celebrate. Unfortunately, during the trip there's an escape at the nearby prison, which leads to a chain of events that brings us back to the beginning.

As I said, very intense, and as the lead story in the first "New Trend" crime comic of the EC line it really sets up the mood for what was to come.

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